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Animated 3D Reception Area
Front Office & Reception Shields
Assembly Workstation Partitions
Cafeteria Cafe Table
Service Counter Shield Tool Crib
Temperature Screening Station w/ Holes for Thermal Device
Waiting Line Partitions
Security/Guard Checkpoints

When Social Distancing is Not Practical, Create a Safe Space in Your Facility

Distancing from others is recommended by health care professionals as a first line of defense against spreading a communicable disease.

Yet distancing is not practical — in many cases, not possible — in the industrial manufacturing sector. Machine operators, maintenance personnel and line workers pull together as a team, many times in close proximity.

When social distancing is not practical, create a SAFE SPACE in your facilities using prefabricated safety shields and partitions designed specifically for industrial manufacturing scenarios. SAFE SPACE is the lastest in Innovative-IDM‘s traditional custom hard guarding line of products.

Your SAFE SPACE modular shield or partition ships as a kit with all fasteners and legs included. Installation takes minutes. You can also modify with casters/wheels, trays, hooks or other accessories.

Our free brochure offers additional application suggestions and pricing.


If You Imagine It, We Can Build It

Your project may be less or more complicated than our examples. You may choose to use less aluminum and more polycarbonate, or vice versa. You have a great deal of control over your cost by customizing to fit YOUR facility’s needs. Ask us. We can help.