Innovative Know-How Creates Aluminum Solutions

Over the years we’ve created countless industrial solutions from aluminum extrusion, each one custom fit for the customer’s needs. Not trying to date ourselves, but back in ’09 we modified a standard Parker-IPS bracket and turned it into the perfect custom solution.

We were contacted by a document-sorting-machine manufacturer who needed an overhaul on their original frame design and assembly. They contacted us and were paired with our design team in order to truly understand their needs. Within a matter of days, we had identified and created a solution and pitched it to the company.

They loved it.

A few days later the new framing brackets had been cut, assembled and shipped to the manufacturer. These custom frames have been in our wheelhouse ever since.

Parker’s modular t-slot aluminum profile system is the backbone of our aluminum extrusion services and our primary proprietor and aluminum manufacturer. With their materials and our design team the sky’s the limit.

If you’re interested in taking your dream design and making it tangible, feel free to reach out to us at 888-906-2100 for information and quotes on our products and services.