Our Partner, Parker-IPS

We believe the best products have to come from the best material. At Innovative-IDM, whether it’s our awesome extrusion crew, or design teams, we believe that it takes the best to make the best; that’s why we get our extruded aluminum from Parker IPS.

The Parker Hannifin Corporation has been our primary extrusion proprietor for more than a decade and we’ve been blown away with the quality of their materials and accessories. Their products are designed and utilized across the world, though they’re originally from Cleveland, Ohio.

Just shy of its centennial, Arthur Parker founded the Parker Appliance Company in 1918. The company originally developed a unique braking system for trucks and buses. Nearly 100 years later, it stands as a Fortune 250 company and has branched into an incredible wealth of fields; including aluminum extrusion.

Innovative has stuck with this incredible company for one reason; Parker offers the best total solution for you, our customer. Parker-IPS is more than our proprietor, they’re also the backbone of our design team. We utilize software specifically designed to create mocks of Parker-IPS materials.

This proprietary software allows our team to plug and play with multiple accessories, which we also receive from Parker to complete your dream projects. You’ll have a detailed 3D render of your product before we go to manufacturing and assembly, ensuring your absolute satisfaction.

In our pursuit to deliver a LEGENDARY experience with all of our customers, we’re proud to be a Parker-IPS certified Design Center They’ve been there with us every step of the way and have always provided excellent materials.

If you’ve had one of your designs brought to life through our Aluminum Extrusion services we hope you’ve noticed that same quality. Feel free to leave a comment below if you have, we love to see pictures of your designs and our creations.